Sunday, August 14, 2011

Emma Sue Designs

Did you like what you saw/heard @
 Well I dont know if you have heard but there's is new Sheriff in town (in web-design that is:)
If you haven't checked her stuff out yet this girl gets it when it comes to a great web-page. And if you don't have something by her then I highly recommend giving her some consideration. After all, what is the first place a client/booking agent/ friend/ or prospective client going to go to seek you out in today's tech savvy world !!


Heya gang!!!
            Jason Webb here, its been quite a few months since I've had time to sit down and start writing down some of those well.....not quite Hold-Up rock/punk/blues songs! Anyways , I'm back at it now and I'm already in talks of solidifying a few songs that I can put into an album. Oh and Hey! I'm in talks already with a few different venues about some bookings. The first among many is a Singer/Songwriter Showcase with the fast-growing Gable Music Ventures in September . Check out their link below this post, if you have a chance it is well worth your time. Other than that I've got some other really exciting things in the works that your all just going to have to stay posted on, trust me your going to want to keep an eye out ;)
                              that is all for now, .....well.....carry on!
                                                                                                                  J. W.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 12th - 7pm - The Kennett Flash

             So March 12th is going to be my last show before I leave for California for a week !! So stoked for both California and the show! Again for those of you that dont know its my second time opening at The Kennett Flash, the first was about a year or so ago and I was opening up for The Spring Standards. This time its for Adam Kowalcyzk, former rhythm guitar player for the band "LIVE" ! Anyways, having grown up listening to their music I'm really excited to meet him and very honored to set the stage. So heres the deal , the place is byob, its a great intimate venue, theres the stage and then theres you, food is served there and tix are going to be 12 dollars online or 15 @ the door, I know it sounds pretty steep but I could really use the support and I've got a set list prepared that I really feel is worth it ! I'll also be offering up rides to anyone coming up from my way in North Wilmington, I've got 4 extra seats so let me know !! Alright gang thats all for now I suppose, make sure to drop by the media section and check out my latest song ramblings and keep an eye on us over @ (we've got some really awesome shows coming up that youre not going to want to miss!!!! )